Where is british football in the world


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Dec 16, 2019
Actually doing very well at the moment West ham are in Europe for the third time in a row Having won there cup last week. Man City won the Champion league
And looks like New castle could be a top 3 team in 3 years now Sorry to say Man City faces Premiership court case ithink 2 years now on up to 40 charges of spending too much money 2021/2/3 seasons . Sorry to say like a number of premiership teams foreign owned This i would like to see stamped out. But the problem few teams actually made any money we know Arsenal still paying off there debts Chelsea in a sea of trouble now due to lack of money now . Man Utd looks going to be Saudi owned Think the next team to go bye byes is Everton. Tottenham foreign owned or are they > The problem very few teams made any money at all in the last 5 years . Due to mainly terrible wages structures the gate money and advertising cannot match the outlays now This is what i would like to see . 1 no team allowed to pay more than 50k a month to a player 2. limit the cost of buying a player too £50 million a year per team
What this would do is to get more young British players to play top team games . Ban foreign ownership of all UK teams within 10 years . Teams have to get involved with local people and groups and sports charities too. Then eventually ban foreign players again within 10 years ( more likely to go somewhere else as they so greeddy about the wage structures


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Nov 30, 2022
Americans are way ahead in terms of player salary regulation. However, this did not stop the Milwaukee Bucks from signing a $228 million 5-year extension with Antetokounmpo in December 2020. You can't stop people from spending their money, I guess.

But you can tax them. This does not happen though, giving a very tangible measure of corruption in sports.
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