What's Your Views On Upsampling


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Apr 21, 2020
Morning, I've been playing around with upsampling for a while now and I'm still not convinced of the sonic benefits. I've been using the CXNv2 with analogue outs where everything is upsampled throught the dual wolfson WM8740 dacs to 24/384. I've also been using Roon to upsample straight to my amp at DSD256 through the ESS9016K2M. After many listening sessions I perceive upsampling to overly smooth out the sound and make everything sound mid oriented with no attack at the top end and a loss of control over the bass. Playing Redbook straight through the CXA81 gives me a more correct and exciting presentation. A few questions:

1-Is upsampling better done through software to allow the pc to do the heavy lifting. Or internally through the dac.

2-Are the filters that are being used processing the audio too far away from the intent of the original mastering.

I'd love to hear your opinions on upsampling.

Many Thanks & Best Regards


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Feb 3, 2015
As I see it, let the purpose designed, specialist device, i.e. the DAC, do the work. If you can choose whether or not to use upsampling, let your own ears decide. You only have to please yourself, nobody else, nobody with test equipment drawing graphs.


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A well baked DSD will give that smooth perception - it's not that it's dull or rolled off - it's just that your ears need attuning. Linn employ upsampling everywhere.


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Morning, I've been playing around with upsampling for a while now and I'm still not convinced of the sonic benefits.
There was another poster (about 4 months ago) suspecting that the upsampling on his CXN was responsible for inferior sound.
He said he wished it could be switched off!


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Nov 11, 2020
I've found personally it depends on the software, hardware, etc. Sometimes the headphones can also play a part.

The upsampling on Creative's EAX soundcards for example is irritating and better left off. Many standard music players such as Itunes do not do it well either.

On the other hand JRiver's Media Centre does do it reallly well using ASIO when going through my Topping AMP and DAC. However their is a limit. Anything less than CD Quality rips is a no no. The higher quality the file, the better it sounds.


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