What would be the next best step??


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys. Bored again so time to spend some more money...

Current setup: Rotel RA-1062, Rotel RCD-1072, Monitor Audio BR2

Toying with whether to buy new speakers (Probably audition B&W 6 series, Monitor Audio RS6, and Arcaydis AK3 (if i can!)...anymore suggestions for good match's?

Or...I have been pondering whether to purchase a new off board DAC...after lots and lots of research it would appear the DAC in the Rotel 1072 isn't all that good to say the least, the vast majority of people who know anything about the player are under the impression it was only used as it supports HDCD which Rotel were big fans of. The sound of the player is great as it is, but I just look at it and wonder whether the DAC is bottle necking it's performance. It's built like an absolute tank the build quality is the best I've seen on any priced piece of equipment, segmented power supplies etc etc I just feel the DAC might be letting it down.

Any thoughts on what you guys think will prove to be the more worthwhile upgrade would be very much appreciated!


yep, good amp and cd player. Upgrade the speakers first.


ok guys cheers for that, yea B&W are the obvious choice of partner, I think first on the agenda will be B&W 6 series possibly the 683s
. Not sure what it is about the Arcaydis I like so much, pretty bland looks but they seem to do it for me, think it's the fact they're hand made in new forest too, feels a little more special...well it will all come down to the listening at the end of the day!

Thinking about it I'd imagine that Rotel would replace the cd player relatively soon as it's getting on a bit??
Hopefully they'll stick with the current styling for the replacement and I should be able to slot it in nicely if I wanted when it arrives.

Cheers for the advice guys!


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