I`m having trouble with this today....

iam looking for a sub that will provide me deep fast bass for 2.1 and 5.1..

my room is 15" x 14" do i go for a single sub or a pair ?

my kit is as follows:

restek challenger hif amp, yamaha dspe 800 processor, sony bluray, rotel rcd 991 cdp, sumsung 46" led tv,

mission 753 fronts, mission 75c center, b&w solid rears, b&w asw1000 sub.

I have looked at all sorts bk xxls400, mj acoustics, rel, b&w...............

any help and advice will all be taken on board.
No problem! In a room that size I would be happy with the one sub. I am not really knowledgeable regards subs so will leave thread to others. You might, however, get more response if you post in the 'Home Cinema' section. People are now going to post and ask about your budget!! :wave:


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