WHAT AMP FOR OBERON 7 (or should i buy something else than oberon...)

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Aug 14, 2021
Im buying a stereo set for my living room, the living room is about 9metres long and 4 meters wide but there is no wall at the back end cuz it opens up to a kitchen... So I was looking to buy Dali Oberon 7s at a price of abt 500e a pice (tax incl.) but was wondering what amp to buy with them. my total budget is around 2 grand. I had in mind these amps:

Cambridge Audio CXA61, (850)
Cambridge Audio CXA81, (1050)

or (if they're worth it for the kind of speakers I'm buying)

MARANTZ PM7000N, (1200)
DENON PMA 1600, (1200)

Or would u guys suggest another amp or even other speakers?

(forgot to mention I had Dali Zensor 7s (I think they are a predecessor of Oberons if I remember correctly) before and they filled the space quite well but I sold them cuz somebody (will not mention the name) didn't like the color of them

I mainly use them for watching tv and listening to music (AC/DC, Queens, Oliver Dragojevic, and sometimes pop...) So basically I want them to be a good


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May 8, 2021
There are many good speakers at around this price point, I have always thought that Monitor Audio Gold series are very good, or you could try B&W 702's. Have a visit to your dealers and see what they have similar, there are many speakers that would partner well with this kit, but it really does depend on your ears and what you think sound the best.


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Jun 28, 2015
I have the Denon pma 800ne which I am extremely happy with and have heard very good things about the 1600ne. I didn't particularly enjoy the sound of the CXA 61 when I heard one, but neither did I like the Rotel a11 Tribute, which I briefly owned before my current amplifier, which sounds much beefier than what I remember the Rotel sounding.
I think many of these models, however, are readily available and should be auditioned with the Dalis you are considering. I've heard the Oberon 5, which I think sounded fantastic, so the 7 should also be pretty good!
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