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  1. BUYER12345

    WHAT AMP FOR OBERON 7 (or should i buy something else than oberon...)

    Im buying a stereo set for my living room, the living room is about 9metres long and 4 meters wide but there is no wall at the back end cuz it opens up to a kitchen... So I was looking to buy Dali Oberon 7s at a price of abt 500e a pice (tax incl.) but was wondering what amp to buy with them. my...
  2. cescobar

    Question What Sub would you buy to get a full frequency range 2.1 system paring it to a pair of KEF Q100? SVS SB 1000 Pro vs REL T5/i

    I have a pair or KEF Q100 bookshelve speakers, and a Polk Audio PSW108 subwoofer in a music only listening room (no home theater or video interest!). The system sounds fairly good at the moment (at least for an entry level system and my inexperienced ears). I've had this setup for almost a...
  3. Radcliffe 90

    NAD C340

    Hi i own a NAD C340 I think it’s great I have it linked to my tv for audio the only downside is I don’t have a remote I know this isn’t a major issue but getting up and down to change the volume for things like adverts can get a little annoying, I’d just like to know if it’s possible to buy a...
  4. D

    Question AVR and Stereo AMP - what would you recommend?

    Hi all - I've entered the maze that is called 'creating a new set-up'. For me this involves an AVR and a quest for better stereo sound. The puzzle includes budget decisions, choises regarding system matching and input management etc. however, they forgot to give me a map, so I hope you could...