Well i´m happy (again)


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Aug 10, 2019
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I started a topic a while ago about my arcam a85 that broke down.

Having tried several amps since then, but it just didn´t feel right.

First i bought a second-hand Unison research Unico i, this is a rare model without valves.

Very natural sounding, great prat, but the highs destroyed me, couldn´t listen to some albums.

Then tried a Marantz pm 7003

Not for me, too thin.

Finally managed too get my hands on a second-hand Arcam A38

Well happy now, i think i´m so used to the arcam sound that everything else just sounds wrong, boring but true.

This is clearly better than my a85, but not by a great margin. Got a nice price too, about 650 GBP.

Next project is too find a dac for the sonos, no hurry though.

Take care // J

the record spot

I'm sure PRaT's a joke. Has to be. Has to be! But glad you're happy with your new purchase!


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