Warner Music High Resolution Audio plans for 2012: Did the pull the plug?


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Dec 25, 2009
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This was announced in 2011:

This past Thursday I attended an informal "summit" hosted by Craig Kallman, Atlantic Records' CEO and Chairman, to learn more about the label's plans to start releasing high-resolution music. Kallman is passionate about improving the sound of music, and I was impressed by his candor about the industry's appalling track record and declining sound quality standards.

...I was impressed by Kallman's determination not to repeat the mistakes of the DVD-A and SACD campaigns of a decade ago. A lot of the business details are still being worked out, so specifics about the new high-resolution releases were in short supply. Kallman did promise that Warner's commitment to high-resolution will be "active and aggressive," and the formal announcement will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2012. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that all of the major and indie record labels get serious about releasing better-sounding music next year. We'll see.

Neil Young (who is on WB) also posted this on his site: 2012 will be the year that record companies release High Resolution Audio...The spirituality and the soul of music is truly found when the sound engulfs you and that is just what 2012 will bring...This is what recording companies were born to give you and in 2012 they will deliver.

I sincerely hope that Neil is right. Maybe a high profile push for quality audio will actually succeed this time?

Nothing happened at CES ... Anybody has more info what went exactly wrong?

Lack of interest by the public?


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Sep 17, 2007
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Looks to me to be a winner. People generally have sat up and taken notice of high def video, more dvd than blu ray perhaps. The major stumbling block is the fact that people want to download music now(the general public-not everyone on this forum) The labels are pretty busy with this side rather than high res. It will come down to the price and availabilty from say itunes. Spotify too is now a major player and these are all factors that come into play imho. I would like high res music and would pay a premium for it- if the material is right...


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