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Wall mountable speakers for Naim Unitiqute


New member
Mar 20, 2009
I bought a Unitiqute 2 last week, predominately to use as a streamer feeding my naim v1 Dac in my living room but I thought I might as well use the on board amplifier to run some speakers in my kitchen.

im currently using a pair of b&w m-1 speakers to it which sound fine but im having to use a wireless sub as there is no bass and my wife isn't very approving of it, I'm just wondering if there are any other good options out there that are quite compact and could maybe work better than the m1s without a sub.

the neat iota is something I've thought about but I can't justify spending that money for my kitchen and don't fancy buying a b-grade pair.

ive seen tannoy xt mini's New for £200 on eBay but am wondering if anyone has used tannoy with naim and could recommend it or any other ideas. They need to be compact, the Xt mini are an ideal size, the speakers need to be wall mounted in quite a small space.

cheers rob


New member
Apr 24, 2013
The Zensor !s are really nice small speakers and do reasonably well tight to a wall.

Although I have not heard them, the new Zensor Pico is smaller and cheaper. If you are determined to keep the cost down, they would ve my suggestions.

Otherwise, bite the bullet and buy the Iota. Tiny, designed for wall mount and way, way better than you think they are going to be.


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May 1, 2008
Here's a leftfield solution - assuming the UnitiQute has a sub output (I think it does).

Try the Cambridge Audio Minx speaker system as well - I had the first generation with the larger satellites and the mid-level X300 subwoofer (which is now the base one since they've discontinued the smaller one).

It sounded superb, and you'd think they were full-sized speakers. Just one caveat, from my experience the sub must be put in a corner, no matter what the blurb says.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Have a look at the Revel Concerta 2 S16 on-wall. It is predominantly designed as a rear effects speaker for the Concerta 2 range, but is effectively, a flatter M16 from the same range. They'll sound basically the same, except for a little bit of lower bass extension, but they're designed to be used on-wall, hence sealed as apposed to the ported cabinet of the M16. Due to the 6.5" bass drivers they use, and the larger cabinet volume than smaller satellites, these will sound much more like a bookshelf speaker.