Video Dropout on Onkyo NR579


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I just got two weeks ago a Onkyo TX-NR579 for my birthday (yay). I've been impressed by the sound and picture quality so far, but I'm facing a weird problem : sometimes, the picture (from HDMI out) turns all green then black for about a second, then it comes back. These dropouts have a weird pattern, the receiver can work fine for hours, then I have about 5-6 dropouts in 30 seconds, and then it's fine again. I always get at least 4 consecutive dropouts and never had more than 8 in a row. FYI :

- I've updated the receiver to the latest firmware

- I've tried to change the HDMI cable

- I've tried to switch to 720P instead of 1080P

- I've tried with different sources (even DLNA which has no video processing)

Any idea ?


I still haven't solved the problem, do you think my receiver is faulty ? I'm not sure about what to do as I actually bought this one from Best Buy online and just learnt they're closing their UK business so it could be more difficult to get it repaired if I wait for too long.


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