UST Projector Total Confusion


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Jun 26, 2020

I am in the middle of planning my mini home theater. It's been a long time since I personally owned a projector so I have been spending hours online checking out reviews and such.
In the end it came down to two projectors

1) Optoma P2
2) Epson LS 500

So I thought that's grand I think I will be happy with either of these two projectors until I came upon this website.


I knew that the VAVA existed but I had no idea that there was so much more UST projectors on the market at the same price as the P2 but seems to offer more in terms of PQ. Like this one
This projector seems to much better than the P2 for the same price

So I am at a bit of a loss at the moment at what to do. So with the P2 where I know I will get a good warranty and service. Go with the other brands like above that could be more difficult for after sales service.

My setup will be for dark room viewing as I have a Oled in the other room for daytime and casual use. This is for purely the Cinema experience so black levels with good contrast ratio would be a high priority. I know it won't be OLED but that's fine. Smooth 24p motion is also high on the list as well. Don't care much for gaming or input lag. Even HDR is not big on my list SDR makes up 80% of my movie content.

It has to be a UST projector as I want to have the room set up in a way that it doesn't look like a home cinema during the day as I will be using it as a recording studio. So it will be a covert style setup. Well as much as I can 🤣 there will be 2xPB3000's going in and quality speakers which I have already.

The projector is the missing piece in the jigsaw

Thanks in advance



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Sep 24, 2008
Hi JIm

Don’t bother with specs as like everything they are only a guide, instead find a dealer and view them yourself before making any decision.

You will need a screen to go with it (Although at push you can use a white wall) which is different to a normal projector screen, so once again have a word with your dealer. (The screen used can make a big difference to the image produced)

DLP 4K projectors are True 4K (Not to be confused with Native 4K) as they can put the full 8.3 million pixels on-screen, however the black levels are not the best due to the way technology works. (Also a few people are sensitive to the rainbow effect which DLP projectors (Particularly the cheaper ones) can produce, so is another reason to try before you buy)

Other types of 4K projection (Not including Native 4K projectors) can only put 4.15 million pixels on screen so will not be as sharp and detailed as DLP, however black levels are usually far superior, which in a dedicated room can be better.

As I said at the beginning you need to try before you buy, as everybody’s eyes and perception are different.

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Jun 26, 2020
Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reply 😁

From doing a bit more research I am considering the idea in going with a standard throw projector. It just seems to make more sense giving that I will be using for dark room only. It will require me to do a bit more work on the room but it might be worth it.

Last night I used a really old NEC projector with a VGA - HDMI convertor and watched "Doctor Sleep" and really enjoyed it. The PQ wasn't great I will admit but it did give me a good idea in what is in store for me with the newer more expensive projectors. And 10 mins into the movies with a few adjustments made to the settings I honestly got lost in the immersion of the big screen. Which was around 80inch and a messed up aspect ratio 😂.

The only issue I may have with a normal projector is that it will be directly overhead and the noise may be more off a issue. The NEC which was only 5inches away from me was way too loud

So I'm not going to rush it and my dealer being whom I have built up a good relationship with should allow me to try before I buy. Well it will be more off a refund exchange 😁.



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