USB 2.0 Output and MQA

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Dec 2, 2008
I'm late to this discussion, but be aware there is a very annoying bug on the bluesound Node N130 when output to USB. You need to physically reboot (unplug/plug) the device every two days or so.
BS is aware and should be working on a new firmware, but they do look clueless for now.
I can't comment on sound quality because the only MQA device I have is the bluesound, and the DAC is so-so. The sound is way better if I output to my other DAC (smsl d300) via coax/digital.
As such, I use the N130 as a streamer only, with coax out, the bug is not present.
Thanks for the heads up, mrob. I've knocked the N130 idea on the head, now. I don't really rate the DAC in my original Bluesound - Not surprised to hear you say that the DAC in the N130 is so-so.


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