Upscale DVDs though Pioneer BDP-LX55 or SC-LX81

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Off the top of my head, and I may be wrong, but I'm not sure the SCLX81 can only upscale HDMI sources, only non-HDMI sources, so it would have to be upscaled by the LX55 or your TV.


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Oct 16, 2008
In that case try it both ways and see which you prefer, both in terms of picture and audio quality (if you can tell any difference) and in terms of convenience with regards to switching inputs.


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Dec 28, 2007
trevoralves said:
Should I connect my BDP-LX55 direct to my PDP-LX5090 or to my SC-LX81?

trevoralves said:
Should I connect my BDP-LX55 direct to my PDP-LX5090 or to my SC-LX81?

No need to for upscaling purposes - essentially, if you want the TV to upscale DVDs, just set the player to output 576p in the settings when watching a DVD (remember to switch back to Auto or 1080p for Blu-rays!). For the player to upscale, just leave in Auto / 1080p mode when watching DVDs. Try both and decide which is better.

The secondary HDMI output is really there if you have a 3DTV and want to play a 3D film - you'd then need to connect directly to the TV for 3D pictures.

EDIT - though I bow to other people's comments on improving audio by using the secondary output


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Dec 11, 2008
The BDP LX55 has QDEO which is supposed to be very good at upscaling so I would use it to upscale DVDs over the amp. Not tried it yet

People have said they get better sound by running seperate HDMIs for pic and sound I have tested it and may agree but I am not doing it at the moment.

You should try with the blu ray decoding the sound PCM as its got a 32bit dac - in this instance I think you will see more of a benefit running seperate hdmis.

Running 2 hdmis you can also select full rgb chroma on the blu ray and kuro and not worry about it crushing your blacks - its up to you to see if you think that will give you better picture. I have gone back to YBCr 422 - at present.

Hope this helps


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