upgrading AV system in times of Coronavirus


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Mar 29, 2020
Upgrading my mixed Ruark speakers/Yamaha 3020 AV system: given listening in places is hard right now I may just plunge in, so input from others helpful.

Room is 5m x 4m, vaulted ceiling (ridge across the room as you look forwards). No need for music - separate stereo system - so just AV performance, from Sky Q/Netflix/Blu-ray, with wired internet.

Thinking the Denon AVC6500H is a good step up.

Speakers - currently looking at Monitor Audio Silver AV package (Silver 200, Silver C150 Centre, Silver FX Rears and Silver W12 Subwoofer.), the B&W 603 package (603 fronts, 607 rears, HTM6 centre and ASW608 sub), possibly Fyne (F501 Floorstanding Speakers, F500 Bookshelf Speakers, F500C Centre Speaker with F3-12 Subwoofer).

Experiences with these welcomed, as are alternatives in similar price range.

Some comments from me:
* not overly a fan of the looks of the MA rears, but looks are not critical c./f. sound. Narrow fronts are helpful
* previous b&w speakers I've heard in hi-fi have been overly bright and harsh to my ears
* am likely to move to atmos at some point in next year or two - will have to have in-ceiling speakers as the ceiling is angles and it's the only way to get correct positioning, will be a .4 setup for that. Could do it now with time on my hands I suppose.....

Do any of these work better with Atmos than others? Does the switchable nature of the MA rears help? (and finally, what in-ceiling speakers would people recommend for their choice of 5.1 setup?).

Have you thought about in-wall speakers for surrounds and rears? W265 or W280 are a tonal match to the Silvers. The in-ceiling speakers can be C265. I've got them in my setup (W280-IDC for fronts and centre, W265 for surrounds and rears, and C265 for in-ceiling) and they're brilliant. SoundFrame is an on-wall option.

With regards to AV receiver, it depends on how many speakers do you anticipate to have, and thereby, how many channels of amplification you need. Would it be a 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 or 7.1.4? Denons are definitely a good shout (I've got a Denon with my 7.1.4 setup). Marantz is brilliant too.
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