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Aug 10, 2019
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System Details:

Record Deck - Linn LP12 Sondeck (1985 – no mods) with fairly recent upgrade to Ittock arm & Adikt cartridge.

CD Player - Arcam CD92

Amplifier - Arcam A75+

Speakers - Linn Katan (no room for floor standers but these are mounted on very heavy home made stands to reduce any shelf vibration)

Also – Nakamichi B2 cassette deck (virtually redundant) & Aiwa analogue tuner (old)


Allsorts but mainly Classical & Rock/Pop on both CD & Vinyl.


The system sounds pretty good but just lacks a bit of bass ‘oomph’ if you know what I mean!!!

I am going to install a subwoofer probably an MJ Acoustics Ref 100. I’m also considering upgrading the amplifier as I think this could be a weak spot in the system but I’m not sure whether to stick with Arcam or try the Roksan KandyMk L.III or save up some more and move to a Pre/Power set up. I also want a fairly cheap DAB radio to replace the aging Aiwa (Cambridge Audio DAB500 or Denon TU-1500AE).

I would welcome any comments or recommendations.

Jolly Bodger

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Very classic 'source first' system, and i reckon the addition of the sub will breathe some new life into it. I'd do that bit and then reassess the need for a new amp. The Kandy's certainly worth a listen, as would be the Arcam A90 if you like the current sound, but one of the pre/powers in the current (September) issue would do you very well, too. But do bear in mind that fewer and fewer amps have built-in phono stages these days, so you may have to factor in the cost of a standalone phono stage, too.

BTW if you want a DAB tuner, you need the Denon TU-1800DAB, which is DAB/FM/AM, and not the TU-1500AE, which is FM/AM only.


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