TV/DVD/Speakers, What cables do I need to connect them...basic question...


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Aug 10, 2019
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Have a small set-up in my room and would like to hear my DVD's and possibly my TV as well through my Speakers and not the tini TV ones. I have...

Samsung LCD TV, no idea what model, says P2470HD on so im guessing that might be the model.

Samsung DVD-H1080 I think, looks like this one on Amazon.

Creative Gigaworks T20 Series 2 Speakers, which I normally have connected to my netbook or ipod/iphone.

Basically if I can use these speakers to connect to the DVD then im all set for a few months til I can get some money together to upgrade. Have been living abroad and have recently come back to live so really can't afford to be splashing out on new bits and pieces.

If you need to know more about what connections/sockets etc I have at the back of these components then just ask, can always take a pic and upload.

Any help much appreciated :)



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Oct 16, 2008
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The T20s come with a 3.5mm audio cable (I think, I've got a pair, pretty sure it came with one), so I'd just whack that into the TVs headphone socket for now.

The DVD player has an HDMI socket so just use that for the connection to the TV.

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Hey man thankyou!!! Connected up perfectly, should have figured this out really but the TV is connected to the wall so had to take it off, all done now and although the T20's are computer speakers they really give a punch compared to the tiny speakers that are offered in flatscreens. Got a ton of DVDs to get through in a bid to stay in and save!!!

As for the baby!!! Recently sold her as because I travel so much she never gets used. Even though im back in the country now it just didn't make sense as an 80s turbo WILL drain your money!!! Mine was in fantastic condition but nevertheless always needed something doing. Im a bit of a geek in the owners club and all and can confirm that of the 889 made for the UK market under 200 of these have survived of which half are declared SORN. Mine was lightly modded with 115bhp, stripped out with a sorted gearbox and can tell you it was a real flyer, would keep up with most modern day hatches simply because of the power-to-weight ratio. My favourite times were always embaressing young lads taking their girlfriends out in mummys Mini Cooper ahaha!!! Can you tell I have a soft spot for these cars!? Gone for an MX5 now which is more reliable and also pretty good fun :D

Anyway, thanks again for your help, time to become a film buff!!!


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