Turntables and prhono-pre amp


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Sep 13, 2011
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Here I am...looking for other technical advise to reinforce my hi-fi knowledge...source this time :)

How to chose a proper TT? I would be willing to follow my dealers advices but I also would like to understand what's the most important part (if any) and how to decide what's the right price compared to the rest of system

Hopefully my sistem will be something like that not too late

Ampli Jadis D50S

Speakers SF Guarneri Memento

would like to add a nice turntable but not sure how much time should I be spending on that...which brands, phono pre-amp etc...my dealer suggested me the Clearaudio Performance which is 2500eur (i think cartdridge included but not preamp)...what do you think?


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Jul 25, 2011
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I'm probably not the best one to answer this as it's a couple of years since I had a turntable.

There's a couple of schools of thought. Source first says your turntable, arm, cartridge are the most imprtant part of the system, so you should spend most on that. The other schools say a third of your budget on source, a third on amplification and a third on speakers, while another say two thirds on speakers and the rest on everything else. None of these are rules, just guidelines.

I'd think the Clearaudio Performance is about the right starter level, or the Transrotor Fat Bob which I think is available where you are. British decks, well, the Linn would be a great choice but ****, is the most expensive variant expensive! Other ones are the British decks - Roksan Xerxes, Avid, Nottingham Analogue, Michell etc.

Myself, I'd buy a secondhand Thorens 145 or 150, put on an SME arm plus the Benz Micro Glider, get a Dynavector phono stage, and I'd be set. Also, probably, re-joining the bachelor life!


With Turntables I feel the old Linn laws apply, the most amount of money should be spent on the turntable, arm and cartridge, then the amp, lastly speakers. Try listen to more than one phono pre-amp (I did), if you can buy on 30 day approval then listen side by side you can make proper comparisons, I never realized just how much they affect the final sound until I did this myself and it was one of the biggest leaps in performance.