Question Tips for an optimal SUB.


Mar 23, 2021
Hi guys, I am new in this forum and I need to have a tip. I want to realize my own 5.1 Home Theatre System in my home. The room is about 25/30 mq. I have already bought the central speaker: B&W HTM6 S2 Ann. Edit., the front speakers: B&W 603 S2 Ann. Edit., the surround speakers: B&W 607 S2 Ann. Edit. and now is the moment for the Sub. My preferences are absolutely Movies and Games but sometimes Iove to hear good music. I have tried to buy a B&W ASW610XP but is no longer available for purchease. My budget is about 1000/1200€. Please help me because i really don't know what i have to buy... Thank you!


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Jan 25, 2021
Welcome djtilt. I have the same speaker set up as yourself on the end of a NADT778 AV amplifier. My room is 5.5m x 6.5m with 3m ceiling so probably a similar size. I tried the ASW610XP which is a great sub for the money but it was priced too closely to B&W's own PV1D which sounds better at higher volumes and especially with music. There are other great subs out there but if you want to stick with the signiture B&W character then the PV1D is well worth auditioning.

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Small yet very very powerful and fully app controlled for easy setup.

Or look for a Velodyne SPL 800 think they are 1k maybe just over but very good and have EQ built in which is very effective.


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