Throwing the cable cat amongst the pigeons!

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Dec 5, 2019
The thicker the cable, the lower the resistance. The lower the resistance the better the sound.
thats what i thought so i'm just wondering why / whats the reason for rick recommending the qed 79 strand ?

(the 500 strand product is not really that expensive for a once only purchase).

Al ears

i believe the 500 hundred strand would have a lower impedance compared to the 79 strand hence should work / sound differently as a result ?

looking at the pic of the 500 strand cable i'm guessing that it costs at the most £5 per m ?

(i would expect these cables to be included in the cost of a system purchase or given away free).
I have found, if you're buying most of your kit from one dealer then a bit of haggling can get you speaker cables or an interconnect thrown in...... pretty tricky to do online though...

Mike Hunt

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Jan 22, 2020
Would anybody know which are the best cables I could buy for this? :whistle:

Would these enhance my spotify playlist?


Jan 16, 2020
Right - serious question and intended just to see what people think and have experienced - if possible I'd prefer it if people didn't feel the need to put the boot into each others' opinions - I realise that this might be a forlorn hope :) Italics for important emphasis to the statements.

I don't think there's any way of inserting a poll here, but just wonder whether people feel they best fit into these four cat-and-pigeonholes:

1) Cables make no difference whatsoever. As long as the material is a good conductor that's all there is to it - bell wire and freebies are all you need.

2) Cables can sometimes make a difference, sometimes subtle, sometimes less so - but you are highly sceptical of very big price tags.

3) There's always something to be gained from 'better cabling', though the law of diminishing returns applies.

4) Cables are more important than any other aspect of hifi - Russ Andrews/Kimber is a bargain.

FWIW, I am a 2. Not a number 2, mind...
2 but a difference is not necessarily an improvement
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