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The Best Way To Hang Speakers On A Wall


Whether for your cramped room, or just wiring your room for good music, it's better to get speakers off the ground, and up to the ear level. Given that non-powered speakers are not heavy, with few materials and one hour of work, it’s simple to make customized brackets for hanging them on walls.

Here is how you can hang your speakers on the wall as shown below.

‘Step 1’
Make marks on your wall
‘Take a mounting bracket’
and ‘place it against the wall’ . Then ‘take a sharpie or a pen’ and make a marking at the top hole and the bottom hole at the location of the wall that you will drill.


‘Step 2’
Drill the holes [ /b]

A 3/8-inch drill bit is recommended to make the drills. ‘Drill the bottom hole and top hole’ at the exact location of the wall where you made the marks. ‘Take a Philips driving bit’ and attach it to the screw gun. For easier installation, ‘remove the hanging bracket’ from your speaker.


‘Step 3’
Fasten your brackets into the wall [ /b]
‘Put the bracket on your wall’
and align the pre-drilled pits with the coinciding marks. Slip your screw fasteners' tapered tips across the bracket base and the holes. ‘Thread your fasteners into the wall’ using the screw gun.


‘Step 4’
Attach your speakers to the wall [ /b]

Hold your bracket firmly with your hand and ‘drag it downwards to ensure that it will hold the speakers’ . Take your speaker and attach them to the bracket.


‘You can now easily set up and hang your speaker on the wall by following the above steps’

Sliced Bread

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Jul 28, 2010
A word of warning to anyone on this. I used to have a b&w cm1 on a wall bracket high up on the wall as a surround.
the bracket was firmly in place and it stayed there for about 4 years quite happily, until one evening the plaster board on the wall gave way and the speaker came crashing down and a brick sized hole was left in the wall where the bracket was. It was the wall that gave way not the bracket or screws. If my son was under it I hate to imagine what would have happened.
Thing is that is a small(ish) speaker, so please be careful guys. If it’s a plaster wall, try and screw past the wall and into something solid behind.
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