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Technics SU-A900MK2 Evolving Set-Up


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Nov 16, 2019
Here are a few photos of my hifi.

I bought the amplifier in 94/95 off the back of a 5 star review in What Hi-Fi. At this time I still lived with my parents and the amp was part of a large stack consisting of 2 cassette decks ( Technics RS-B405 and Aiwa AD-R550), Technics ST-G40 Tuner, Technics SL-P320 CD Player and a Technics SL-DD22 Turntable. I still have these items in my loft.

Speakers at the time were standmount Celestion DL-6 Series 2, these were replaced shortly afterwards by Celestion DL-12 Series 2 floorstanders bought from a friend.

Once I bought my own place I used the amp with just the CD Player and the DL-12s. The system remained like this for a few years and powered a few good parties!

The whole system was then in storage between 2004 and 2010 as I was away from home.

In 2010 it was set-up in the house I share with my wife. It was evident that the Celestions were now suffering after years of quite hard use and needed replacing. I found some used Kef Reference 104/2s for sale locally and, having done a bit of research on them, these were the speakers I used next. They sounded great with a huge soundstage. I had noticed though; that my laptop connected to the amp, sounded better than my 1980s SL-P320. I found a later Technics SL-P740 on eBay for around £70 and this sounded much better.

Last year we changed our living room around I the Kefs were no longer suited to the layout. I was also a bit behind the times with streaming music but still wished to have the ability to play CDs if necessary. I bought a Technics SL-G700 streamer, Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers and Atacama stands. I am using AudioQuest speaker cables.

I am pleased with the sound of the system, the Monitor Audios are very impressive for compact standmounds, however I do miss the Kefs.


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