Surround Speakers to accompany Monitor Audio Bronze BX2?


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Aug 10, 2019
OK... here's one for you!

Have MA's BX2 and would like to incorporate them into a surround system...

Any idea of satellite speakers and sub I can use to match with these? I know the BX2's are kinda overkill for TV (at this price) but I will try switch to hi-fi Stereo for my music! (in fact would appreciate suggestions for the amp too... switchable from stereo to hi-fi!)

Thanks! :)


correction... last line should read "stereo to surround"

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
If you possibly can, use the matching BX centre. For surrounds, you could look at either the BX1s, or if these will prove too problematic to find adequate space for, take a look at the various speakers from Monitor Audio's Radius stlye package.

If you can't house the BX centre, then as with the surrounds, look to the Radius package for a suitable centre.

With regards sub, again, look to the BX sub. It isn't as important to match (tonally) the sub with the rest of the speakers as it is for all the other speakers to match. If you find a good deal on a good sub by a different manufacturer, it might be worth a punt.

If you're after a surround receiver, you could do worse than check out Onkyo's award winning 609, or you might find deals on their older xx8 and xx7 ranges. Just be aware that not everything in older ranges may be able to handle 3D (if that's of any interest to you).