Subwoofer Set-Up Question


Mar 31, 2022
Hi, quick preface I'm fairly amateur when it comes to hi-fi type stuff.

So I've got a Samsung 49" RU8000 TV with a Samsung HWMS650 soundbar hooked up to it. Not a fancy speaker set-up or anything but it works for me. I had an idea to throw a subwoofer into the mix but to my understanding subs are typically designed to hook into an actual soundsystem and not a soundbar which is pretty isolated (and designed to be) if it doesn't come with a wireless subwoofer.

If I say wanted to introduce a Bkelectric Gemini II to the mix is there any way to do that? I've seen a few posts about this sort of thing around the net and they don't seem too optimistic sadly but maybe someone here has a trick? Currently the soundbar is hooked to the TV via HDMI ARC.