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Starting from scratch some advice please


New member
Nov 12, 2014
Hi - we have just moved house and haven't had a Hi-fi for many years (blame the kids).

We listen to streamed music - spotify, internet radio or itunes because of the convenience and storage issues. The CDs are consigned as backup in the loft. We have a lounge that is maybe 20ft long by about 10ft wide - so we'll be sitting facing the speakers across a 10ft divide - speakers will probably bracket the TV. We also have a large kitchen diner.

initially looking for a solution for the lounge mainly to listen to music but also to route sound from the telly so that shows like "later" and films don't sound so rubbish - but we don't watch dvds or a lot of film so the focus is music.

we have a fast broadband wireless connetcion (sky) and would like to stream or have internet radio/spotify etc playing in both lounge and dining rooms eventually although the focus will initially be on the lounge to get this sorted first (due to budget as much as anything).

So far my initial thoughts are to buy some speakers and an amp/or streaming amp for the lounge - don't know whether to buy floorstanding or speakers on stand. Also am I better getting an amp and then buy a streaming device or go for an all in one thing. After we have sorted the lounge then we'll get a speaker/amp for the dining room and would like then to stream to the dining room so we can have music in both rooms.

we generally use ipads for spotify/itunes etc, but occasionally have a laptop as my main itunes library is huge.

initially would like to spend sub £500. Happy to buy second hand - there are for instance some Mordaunt Short 914 on ebay close to me which are currently really cheap (or maybe the Mission 33i) if floorstanding speakers are the right answer...............

what do you think? remember I don't have a clue so use simple language!!!

thanks a lot



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Apr 24, 2013
Airport Express or ATV as a streamer, Marantz PM6005/Dali Zenzor 1 package from richer at £399. That is the conventional route, just make sure your TV has outputs to suit.

Personally I would use the AEX into an inexpensive dac/preamp and spend as much as I then have on the best pair of active speakers I could find.


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Feb 8, 2008
Try an Apple Airport Express connected directly to a pair of Dynaudio BM5A Mk IIs. There is a 10dB cut switch on the back to limit the output in the event of a full volume 'mishap'.

Use a mini jack to twin XLR for connection.

That will get you started. Add a multi input preamp/DAC for more connectivity if needed, later down the line.

I don't think you'll find a traditional set up to match it in terms of performance.



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