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the budget is not a lot so would be looking at a second hand system but there is so much out there i really dont know where to start i would like a system that is a cross between a hifi and a home cinema system but what would i need to start with because when i go on to any of the sites the amps and bits are difrent sections so would they work together ? budget at the momebt is aabout £500 ad would have to buy a bit at a time


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May 2, 2010
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What equipment do you already have ? (DVD, BDP, TV)

What other sources are you hoping to use and do you have a preference on speaker sizes ?


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Apr 7, 2010
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See above post assuming you have a TV + On a budget of that size you can get yourself something with ease. Though not necessarily the best, you can upgrade, the following is just an example within your budget & NEW.

A Sony STRDH820 amp for £220.

A sony Blu-ray player BDPS185 £65.

Some speakers to go with it, the Boston Soundware XS SE at £220 Total £505. Or the Tannoy SFX 5.1 at £200 Total £485

Alternatively on the speaker side, if they are not big enough for you, buy a good centre speaker & a stereo pair so you would have a 3.o system. Or just a subwoofer & stereo pair a 2.1 system or just a decent stereo pair. Either way this will give you something to build on. Dont forget to audition them if possible & to include the cost of cables & connectors, these are all upgradable in the future.

Regards . . . . Paul