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Aug 10, 2019
I very much appreciated help from this forum in the past in finding a Projector with which I am absolutely delighted, but I now want to expand the system.

I am currently looking for a sound system, speaker and amplifier to go with my projector Panasonic AE2000 and BluRay PS3. My wife likes the Bose V30 because of the smallness of the speakers and the sound quality, but I think they are too expensive, and I have hopes that maybe similar quality is available at a much lower cost. Can anyone suggest a receiver with HDMI switching for additional inputs ( eg Sky) and also 5.1 speakers of a fairly small size. My budget is less than £1000.

As a separate project in a different room, I would also like a device which can switch HDMI outputs for screening either to the Projector or to a TV.


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Dec 28, 2007
Plenty of options at that price. Inevitably the Onkyo 606 is mentioned, but Denon are releasing a couple of new receivers in August that might be worth checking out (see news story here).
Speakers, there's the Jamo A102HCS5 at around £200 - £250, then KEF 2005.2 range at around £400. If you can cope with a slightly more traditional speaker solution, the Q Acoustics 1010i and Quad L-ite packages for the £450 - £500 range will give you a better sound than the style packages of equivalent price.

I'm sure people will give you a load more options as well, make sure you audition before you buy!


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