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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, im after some advice please... I have a naim amp, rega dac, quality cables, monitor audio Rs6 speakers. I only listern to music through the TV through my Sky+ box with a optical lead (£30 lead), my problem lies with the sound being slightly muffled and not much seperation between instruments etc, i have filled the bass and mid range holes to lessern the bass as my living room is only small (3.5m x 4m), also room is carpted. My dad has a budget yamaha amp and monitor auio Rx2 speakers and his sound amazing!! Only difference is his living room is huge!, he has wood flooring. Im sick of buying bits like the dac nd not really getting anywhere where i want to be with the sound... Please advise Chris
Hi Chris

Do you have the Nait 5i by any chance? I've tested the aforementioned amp with my RS6s and I found it to be very fatiguing, especially in the bass and midband. Naim and Monitor Audio older Silver speakers just do not mix.

Naim isn't really my cup of tea - they do sound very good, however, with the likes of PMC, MonoPulse, Neat* and Spendor.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep the RS6s then they are impressive with Leema (my current amp), Arcam, Roksan Kandy, Audio Analogue, Creek, midrange Marantz and higher end Primare*

*Not personally heard the combo but been reliably informed by dealers and forumites alike.


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