Sony KDL-46HX853 Sound Quality.


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Aug 29, 2010
I'm wondering how many out there, like me, are astonished at just how bad the sound is from the Sony KDL-46HX853.

I had my first set replaced becuase I was sure it was faulty, but the second is just the same. I'm talking about the sound from the soundbar/base here. What Hi-Fi this month proclaimed the 55HX853 as the tv with best sound, and many reviews of the 46 speak of it sounding "rich and warm", "bassy", "with oomph", "tinkling", and Sony's own blurb talks about "hearing the growl and roar of a V8 engine revving" and "big bold audio".

Well, whatever adjustments I make to mine, all this is complete nonsense. It still sounds like an old transistor radio with no bass whatsoever. ***** is a word that springs to mind, in that all I hear is a narrow upper mid-range band that is, quite literally, unpleasant to listen to. It's as if the bass units had not been connected at all, and the midrange units wired out of phase! (I don't expect tinkles these days, I'm getting on a bit.)

The degree of awfulness was made even more apparent when, after packing the first set up for return I had to revert to my old KDL-40EX713. The relief! No this never was hi-fi but in roundness of tone and focus it's 200% better and easier to listen to. People sound as if they're there and not shouting at me through a megaphone at the end of an aircraft hangar.

I'd be interested to hear what experience other KDL-46HX853 owners have had, and any advice anyone might have. I can't help but wonder if there's some little adjustment I've failed to make that will make the sound jump out at me like I expected it to.


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