Sony DAV-IS50 stuck in one sound mode!!!!


New member
Aug 10, 2019

Ok, I'm new to the forum but not new to 'what hifi' and have been reading it for several years now.

We have the above system in our lounge and it has been working fine until recently I noticed that the sound was the same from every speaker except the centre speaker which is outputting no sound at all.

I have been through all the settings including the test tone at which point the centre emits the test tone so the speaker must be connected propperly and the amp channel not blown.

Regardless of what surround mode I put it in the sound is the same from all the speakers with the exception of the stereo mode.

Any ideas what this could be? I've tried re-callibrating and swtiching the unit off from the mains for about an hour.

It's the same regardless of whether its a DVD or the television.


I had exactly the same problem, spent an hour trying to sort it and I have done it!! Turns out their are two different kind of sound modes. I did all the tests to check that the speaker worked etc. tried altering the modes.....then I picked up the remote and noticed the bottom right button which also says sound mode ( sport, movie etc) if you have it on omni ode it will not give you sound through the speaker! Change it to auto or movie mode.....let me know how you get on

Cheers rich