Sony announces UK pricing for A95L QD-OLED TV – and it's bad news


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Apr 20, 2015
Well Sony have just lost a potential customer to LG now. I've been waiting months for the A95L to be released so I could get one to replace my aging Samsung but this is out of order.

Im used to, baffled by and resigned to the fact that for some reason the US:UK exchange for everything is 1:1. However at the current exchange rate, the US will get a 55" A95L for £2195 and yet Sony think they can charge us over £800 more. That's a 37% price difference. Even if you add on sales tax in California which is the highest in the country at 7.25% that still means the US are only paying £2354. Still a £650 would be £200 cheaper to import one including shipping, than buy it in a UK shop.


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