Sony 32D3000 Optical Out


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there, This is probably a bit of a newbie question but here goes anyway......

I have just got a Sony 32D3000 and am absolutely delighted with the picture - both off air DVB and via HDMI from my V+ box.

My question is, IF I were to buy a new DVD player with HDMI out and connected it to the HDMI input on the TV would I get Dolby Digital / DTS out of the TV's Optical output which I could then feed into the single optical input on my Sony DVS-SC8 Home Cinema system? The best I get get from the SC8 is RGB Scart.

I would hate to buy something like the DAV-IS10 and find the sound isn't as good as my SC8.

Thanks in advance.


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Not ideal - the optical output is there to deliver sound from the onboard tuner to an external amp or system, and I'm not even sure sound input via HDMI would be output as Dolby Digital/DTS from the TV, or even if it would be output at all.

The better way, if you want to add the DVD player, would be to buy an optical switcher such as this,

which is £15 from Maplin, and allows you to connect several optical outputs - such as the ones on the V+ box and your new DVD player - to the single input on your system.


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