Silly Question? Rotel RCX1500 or Arcam Solo Mini


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm looking at buying an all in one system as I don't really have the space nowadays for a full stack.

I was looking at the Arcam and pairing it with either the Wharfedale 9.1s or the Dali Lektor 1. Not the best speakers I know but I can upgrade in the future.

So I was planning on popping in to super-fi / richer sounds for a demo this week, but I've just found the Rotel RCX1500 down to £650.

I was wondering, as per my title this may be a stupid question, whether I should just go ahead and orter the Rotel? I'd prefer to demo the system but I wondered if anyone could tell me if it will be leagues ahead of the Arcam?

Thanks in advance


The Rotel is good but the Arcam Solo Mini, for me, pips it on overall sound quality

The other option (and IMO the better) is to look at the Marantz CR603

It's a superb all in one system and can drive better speakers than the Arcam Solo Mini (60wpc vs 25wpc).

The Dali Lektor 1's would be my choice of speaker to go for as well but you could also consider decent 2nd hand speakers such as Monitor Audio BX2's, BR2' or even the likes of B&W 602 S3's etc...


Thanks for your replies. I'm still trying to get the units demoed. The demo room in super-fi was out of action.

The Rotel, was and still is at £649.00 as it's an ex-demo unit.

If you're interested and can make your mind up before me, you can beat me to it here:

Let me know what you think!


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