Show us your vintage analogue systems!


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Mar 11, 2005
Having been strong armed, sorry encouraged by The Management, thought I'd start a thread for vintage / used systems.
Having sold my over priced system some 5 or so years ago and relied on a nice desktop headphone setup, with sonos for everything else, I recently inherited an old Technics turntable that was bought in 1977. I've got a handful of LPs so thought it would be fun to set up a vinyl based analogue system. Here is mine, it's not quite complete, as there is a Denon TU-260L mk2 tuner in the hermes system as I write this.
I've also returned the baby diamonds as they were a bit pants tbh, they are being replaced with some Elac DBR6 which are not vintage but you can't do everything used. I've also added a used S1 Sonos connect, as it's 2023 and you can't not have a streaming source....
The TT has a Technics 270C fitted, soon to be supplemented with an AT VM95ML so one for used LPs and one for new / pristine. The technics sounds ridiculously good for a 45 Yr old deck, it's been fully restored with new components, pots and cardas wiring.
The total system excl speakers cost a grand total of £450, but sounds great and is far more enjoyable to use than my previous digital steaming only setup.


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