Replacement for denon3802


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Aug 10, 2019
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Replacing my trusty denon 3802 after years of loyal service :wave: . What would everyone think a worthy and noticible upgrade?

Im looking at 3312, slightly put of by some reliability storys.

Also onkyo Tx-nr have caught my eye 609 for the cost 709 or 809 for reviews.

I have bRonze bx setup with some bx5 for fronts,

I use it for films but also increasingly for audio :rockout:


I had a 3802 and auditioned quite a few receivers, this was 3 years ago. I did not like the Onkyo sound at all and found that they seemed to be a lot less powerful than what they were rated at. All of the receivers I tried seemed to be not as good as the 3802 with normal DD and DTS. As I mainly watched DVDs this was a big issue for me. They were also all quite poor with music compared to the 3802. Things have hopefully improved but I would try music and DD and DTS and don't be overly influenced by the HD audio performance.

I ended up going a rather off the wall route and bought a Cyrus 8vs to use as a power amp for films and a stereo amp for music. Then I switched to mono blocks for the front, a stereo amp for the rears, replaced the 3802 with a Primare processor for the preamp and decoding and it sounds incredible. This is still my current setup but it does not support the HD audio formats so I'm looking for an AV receiver to use as a decoder and feed it into the Primare SP31.7.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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As good as a 609 is, and even though it'll outgun the 3802 featurewise, you have some decent amplification there, so you'll have to be looking at the 3312 as a starting point, and maybe even looking at the 4311, which is currently at a very good price.


thanks both, Im all too aware that even though 3802 is old and doesnt have all the bells and whistles its still takes some beating in the ears department.

Is their much of a difference between 709 & 809, i know its personal preference, but id like to narrow it down to 2 before i test drive. I think the 609 is out 4311 is a touch over my budget.


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