Replacement for Classe & B&W setup

Oct 30, 2022
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Hi all, I've been on here before, but I no longer use that e-mail. I'm after some advice if possible.

7 years ago I put together my dream home cinema setup. Classe SSP-CP800 Mk3 surround processor, Classe CA-5200 and Classe CA-5300, 5 B&W speakers (originally 802D, but downsized to 804N)

Old pic for context.
I'm about to do some building work in my living room and as part of re-doing the room, I'd like to properly downsize my home cinema.
I know I'm not going to get anywhere close to the sound quality I have here, but I'm way out of touch with what's out there nowadays. Does anyone in the know have any recommendations for a processor amp and stealthy surround speaker system that won't disappoint too much? I'll likely keep my B&W DB4S subwoofer for the lows.
I don't need a load of inputs as I just use my smart TV for everything now.
budget I guess 3-5k?