Recordings vis a vis Soundstage


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Mar 6, 2013
It all started with Better-Half deciding to ‘need’ the Christmas tree in a different position this year! I agreed to move left speaker much nearer to left wall (toed-in rear outer corner 12cm from left wall) as a temporary measure and with the other then looking so out of place, plonked it in similar 12cm-fashion against the opposite wall, praying 12th night would hurry-up this year!
Knowing I would re-run the Anthem Room Correction when back to normal, I thought the minimum would be to measure the new positions and alter them in the system, which I did.
Night and Day! Gobsmacked! Kid with new Toy! Both speakers disappeared on first 2 albums played; hugely-improved soundstage.
So I have my Concept 500s running on half-bungs, toed-in to fire just behind me but only inches away from side walls but now 3m apart, working significantly better than I have ever heard them – worried about running ARC in case it beggars-up the settings!
Can I finish with a question? Soundstage quality. What sort of percentage in album quantity do you get where your speakers disappear i.e. is it all down to recording quality? All my sources are CD\SACD – do other sources differ?


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