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Question Recent Samsung UE43RU7470 review

Dan Sung

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Nov 14, 2019
Hi Joe,

One of the good things about this set is that it works very well straight out of the box. The only changes we made to the settings like colours, contrast, tint, etc were very small and it's not really worth matching the same on your model because of the small differences between panels.

That said, there are some bigger changes to a few of the modes which are well worth making. First is that we stuck with the Standard Picture Mode and we feel that 43RU7470 gives the best image when the Contrast Enhancer is set to Low.

Digital Clean View isn't necessary when you're watching 4K HDR video but it's worth adding as you drop down to 1080p and particularly once the set is upscaling from SD.

The team tends to agree that a Judder Reduction of about 2 or 3 is the best compromise for the Motion settings.

Also, don't forget to head to the Eco menu and switch off any ideas that the TV has about sacrificing performance. So, Ambient Light Detection should be off, along with Energy Saving Mode and Motion Lighting, etc.

Hope that helps.
Nov 5, 2019
Helps a lot, thanks. (y)

It's between this one, the Panasonic GX800, and (back to Samsung) the Q60. Price difference is not a consideration. Shame you haven't reviewed the latter. Would have been great to hear your opinion on this vs the 7470.
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Nov 5, 2019
Something else I meant to ask. Did you check whether the review sample had a VA or IPS screen?. As usual with Samsung and their smaller screens, this seems a shady area.


Mar 30, 2020
I bought a 43ru7470 a few months ago to replace a Panasonic TX-L32ET5B (passive 3D model) when it's panel failed.

Whilst I've used the settings mentioned above (Contrast Enhancer = Low and Digital Clean View set to Auto I think gives the best image when upscaling SKY SD content) and have been impessed with the HD image when watching content like "The Grand Tour" on Amazon Prime, it has one glaring issue when watching live sport which my old Panasonic didn't suffer from - constant motion judder.

Even using the Judder Reduction of 2/3 setting (Panasonic's IFC setting was "Min") Freeview HD/SKY/BT Sport live sport content judders on a regular basis. Activating LED Clear Motion (which cranks Judder Reduction up to 10) seems to have little effect.

Can the team confirm that they had this issue when reviewing this model and what other 40-43 inch models are available which give a judder free picture when watching live sport in HD?

Many thanks,



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