Micro-scratches on a newly purchased Panasonic lz1000 (inside photo)


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May 12, 2022
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Hi, on June 1st this beautiful oled tb was delivered to me, after having assembled it correctly following the right procedures for assembling a TV, I accidentally noticed, having pointed a light on the screen, that the panel has many micro scratchesso far I haven't noticed any problems viewing the contents, but the fact is that the panel (being new) strangely has these scratches and micro-scratchesI had not done any cleaning and the panel was handled with care, so a defect caused by the assembly cannot be excluded, I tried to clean with an ultra micro fiber cloth, which only removes dust or fingerprints, unfortunately they are real scratches that they don't take offI managed to photograph them with a camera, I send you the photos attachedWhat do you recommend I do at this point? Has anyone had a similar problem?I checked in the service menu and no ignitions or viewing hours appear, so perhaps it could be ruled out that it has already been used, but maybe it was put as an exhibition? there must be a reason for this scratching