Random popping and crackling sound from speakers.


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Jul 17, 2020
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Hi everyone. Greetings from Singapore. I had purchased a pair of Qacoustics 3010 bookshelf speakers somewhere in February this year.

They are currently connected to my Onkyo-TX SR 393 receiver (which was purchased at the same time as my speakers) via banana plugs and QED copper wiring.

However, for the past few weeks my speakers would randomly emit a loud crackling sound on both sides which lasts for 2-3 seconds. This issue occurs regardless of whether I am watching a YouTube video or playing a video game on my PS4.

In fact, there was an incident where the crackling noise resulted in the receiver turning itself off. When I turned the receiver on, it went into diagnostics mode but reported no error and finally shut down by itself. The receiver was cool to touch so I do not think overheating could be the cause.

To rule our any issue with connections, I even dismantled my setup and reconnected the AV receiver to the speakers. I had also made sure that there was no shorting of wires. However, I still face the same issue randomly.

I finally brought it to the service centre here in Singapore and they replaced the audio board. However, when I asked the technician what caused this problem, he claimed that I must have set the volume too high or that the tone level of each speaker was "too much". Seriously?

Franky, I found his comment to be rather strange as I had never set my volume to be so "high" as what he claimed. In fact, the maximum volume I had ever set was about 40.

Hence, I was wondering if anyone here had a similar experience as mine? I can only guess that the circuit board was faulty due to sheer luck instead of absurd reasons like "setting too high volume" . Any opinions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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