Question PURE Legato II - no sound anymore...I have had a quote to "repair the amplifier".

Greg W

Sep 18, 2023
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Does anyone have experience with what is the cause? Debating whether to repair. Bought the Denon M41 which doesn't seem to have the finesse (dare I say!) of the PURE.

I have had a quote from the Birmingham-based repair centre who advertise online. It did have a slight "buzz", not sure if related to the issue. All seems to "work" - just no sound including from headphone out.


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Debating whether to repair.
Depends on your repair quote, but the first 3 Pure Legato 2 that I saw were being sold used for under £35.

First Amazon review: 'Looks good but it's rubbish'.

But if you prefer it to your Denon.....

I doubt a chargeable repair could be cheap enough.
You, or someone you know, would have nothing to lose by opening it up and looking inside for anything obvious, such as detached input socket or other dry joint - which your symptom might suggest.

EDIT: just read quite a favourable review and seen that the Pure was £350....I'd still advise getting a very firm price for repair before going ahead.
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