Proac 140.2 with Audiolab 8000q/m - any views or experience?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Guys

I have recently come into possession of a pre-TAG Audio 8000Q/2x8000M and am looking to upgrade my speakers from ancient TDL RTL 3s.

From doing a lot of reading of this forum, I was initially shortlisting speakers such as MA RX6 / B&W 684 / Quad 22L2 but as I’ve done more research so the budget is increasing... I’m now up at the £1.5K mark and am looking to add some warmth and bass to the neutral, clean sound of the Audiolabs. The speakers I have shortlisted for demo purposes comprise: Dynaudio 32 / Spendor A5 / Proac 140.2 with the Proacs being the current favourites (at least on paper).

If anyone has views or experience of these amp / speaker combinations I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts (or if I have missed any speakers you think I should be considering).

My room is 15x25 foot with speakers at narrow end and I listen to jazz, funk, soul, hiphop, deep house, detroit techno, ambient, rock, alt rock and increasingly classical, so all sorts really.

Any help in this speaker selection would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Aug 21, 2009
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I haven't heard that particular combination, but FWIW, you have shortlisted the same 3 brands that I would have.....I'm not sure anyone can say with any certainty, which you will prefer.


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Jan 8, 2011
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I've heard the X32s and 140MK2 with the newer Audiolab 8200 integrated. In this pairing, I felt the X32s were lacking warmth a bit, although they do bass better than the Proacs IMO, especially when it comes to electronic music. Partnered with the right amp I much prefer the Dynaudios though (personal opinion of course). I too am a lover of jazz, funk, soul and hiphop. Out of couriosity, what is 'deep house' and ' detroit techno'?


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