MA Gold GX100 In Piano Ebony (£1200) - Does It Sound As Good As It Looks? How Does It Compare With Proac D1, Dynaudio Focus etc.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking at the GX100 and would appreciate your thoughts. The piano ebony finish does appeal to me though I haven't got a clue what the speakers sound like. Before I make an attempt to listen to them, I would like to have some thoughts from those who have had first-hand experience with these speakers.

The speakers will be used in a Home Theater setup but will be occasionally hooked up to the main hifi system built around some Naim amps. Hence, the GX100 is expected to perform reasonably well in 2-channel.

I do know speaker selection is a very personal thing. I want something that is an all rounder, not too warm and smooth sounding like the Spendors or Harbeths or too harsh and bright like the Thiels. The speaker must be able to play rock music and convey pace and timing with precision ie. not sounding slow or lethargic.

How do the GX100s compare with the Proac Response D1 or Dynaudio Focus/Contour S1.4 series of bookshelves? Does the GX100 sound more like the Dynaudio monitors(fuller, punchier) or the Proacs(leaner and perhaps more detail and better imaging qualities)? Does the GX100 sound significantly brighter than the Spendors/Harbeths and have better high frequency extension? I suppose the GX100 is a fast and agile speaker?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks for the response. In the Home Theater setup, the speakers will be used with Sony pre/power amps. They will occasionally be used in the main system which comprises of Naim 202/200, Rega P5 and a Krell CDP.

Although room acoustics is important, I am not too concerned since I think it is manageable. The Home Theater room is dedicated and treated whilst the main hifi system is in the living room with decent acoustics. I'm more concerned on the sound characteristics of the speakers. Comparison to other speakers such as Proacs, B&Ws, Dynaudios or Harbeths would be good since I have listened and/or owned some of these speakers.

Personally I am looking for a speaker with a brighter sound and more extended highs as a departure to the smooth and warm sounding system that I own. I do love the current sound of my main system, but the new speaker must sound leaner, quicker and more extended in the highs but not overly analytical or cold sounding. Perhaps something like the Proac Response D1 but with more heft and sweet airy highs?
Can't comment on ProAc - never heard them. Heard Dyns in the past, most recently Contour 1.4S (just before Xmas) with a Naim XS amp. It sounded really impressive. I would suggest, however, you go and audition the MA and other price compatible speakers.