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Question Pro-ject T1 BT Turntable

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Sep 8, 2007
I don’t know to be honest. Not sure if it’s Bluetooth related. But if the volume passes 90db (according to my phone) or -10 dB on my Denon, the rumbling starts. I don’t think it’s a grounding issue as it’s not plugged into its phono pre-amp or my AV amp.

I don’t know anything about record decks, so maybe I set it up wrong? It’s 2m away from my speakers.

It’s fine though, no big deal. Really pleased with it, especially with a few of my Mum & Dad’s vinyl. Bit crackly though with those. Think I need a cleaner for those 40 year old records that have been in a box for the last 20 years haha.



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