Question Pro-Ject Audio Primary E HELP


Jan 23, 2024
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Hey, I'm new to all of this.

I've just bought a Project Audio Primary E and I'm having trouble setting up my system. I have a set of powered speakers (Edifier R1280DBs), but can only get it to play low volume.

I ordered a cheap amp (Lepy LP-2020A) to try and boost the signal, but still can only get output at low volume.

I thought I didn't need an amp if I have powered speakers? Is it a fault or do I need something else?

Any advice as to what I'm doing wrong will be greatly appreciated!


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You need a phono pre-amp. Pro-Ject do some at a reasonable price (Pro-Ject Phono Box E). There are various models of that pre-amp depending on whether you want some extra functionality, e.g. Bluetooth.

There are pre-amps from other manufacturers at all sorts of prices.


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Yeah, no built in amp.

How do I raise the signal? I thought the little amp I bought would do that? Or do I need something different?
The Lepy amp you've bought is effectively what you've got built into your speakers.

Its input takes a line level signal and its output can drive speakers.

In fact, I used a couple to drive some unpowered (passive) speakers:
But the Lepy is not a phono preamp.