Please HELP me choose a new Bluray Player


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a Sony KDL-46W4500 Full HD tv, and a Sony BDP-S370 bluray player..

All works fine, the only handicap is that my Bluray player cannot connect wirelessly to my wifi network, also the sound is weak, so I am thinking for an upgrade..

I am confused between Sony's 390 & 790 (although I am not too keen on 3D or 4K as I do not have a 3D TV yet) and Panasonic's DMP-BDT220...

The points of my interest are..ULTRA detailed picture on BD, and also on upscaled DVD, Super Great sound too, and I would prefer the latest apps for my iPhone and iPad (specially where you can "throw" the photos / webpage at the TV)

Please help!!!


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Jun 10, 2011
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have you considered just getting the wifi dongle for the s370? £49 from amazon

I dont know what u mean by weak sound - its lossless when you play blu-rays.
In that case, changing your blu ray player will have no difference on sound. It is your TV's limitation. In a quest to make slimmer TVs, manufacturers have compromised on sound as the smaller speakers are packed very tightly in a small area.

Better to spend your money on a sound system.


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