Pioneer sc-lx81..speaker options


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Aug 10, 2019
Just auditioned the above amp over the weekend with the following packages

B & W MT30 and B & W 685 theatre

Although both systems sounded great IMWO they both have shortfalls

Wifey decided that the front style speakers looked daft on their stands and wouldn't want them fixing to a wall so they got the thumbs down

She also thought that the cabinets of the front 685's looked a bit low rent and not contemporary enough.....

So back to the drawingboard.

The set up will 90% of the time be used for cinema and the fronts would be used 10% of the time for music of all genre's

the listening area is about 8mx 4m

The Tannoy Revolution Signature is a possibility but a little over budget unless someone knows of any good deals to be had

I do particularly like the Monitor Audio RSW 12 sub, does anyone suggest building a system around that with like the RS8/6, RSLCR Centre and RSFX Rears (Gerrardasnails I would particularly be interested in any feedback from you with this, considering your set up!)

I have not heard them with the Pio amp and don't know if they would be suited

Any ideas anyone

Please help Pioneer 5090 waiting at the alter!!


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Apr 22, 2008
You could also check out the Quad L-ite 2 system (new model, not yet reviewed) or upgrade the fronts to 11L2s or 12L2s and make a 7.1 system. ÿSome of us have done that and are very happy. ÿI have the silver finish L-ites and piano black 12L2s - they look beautiful, as do the wood finishes.


Thanks for the last two posts Nick and Sorreltiger

Anyone seen a review on the new Monitor Audio radius HD series?

I've been offered a deal on the old Radius series and the WHF review is good but would have preferred the floorstanding fronts which are not part of the deal.

The deal just relates to the small R90's R225 centre and RSW12 sub not sure how these would pair up with the Pioneer SC-LX81 Amp


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Oct 1, 2008
The RSW12 is a cracking subwoofer but I am not convinced that you will get everything the amp has to offer from the R90's. Did you hear them in your demonstration?



Just the B& W as above

If you were nearby ..well within 100miles or so I would come up for a demo co's you sure are helpful Nick

Do you think that the floorstanding Radius 270's would be up for the job?

Or should I just be more sensible and come back down to earth and buy a cheaper receiver,say the Sony 3400.

I need the 2nd HDMI output to service another room you see and the 3400 has it



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