pioneer amp no hdmi buying blu-ray player for 5.1 pcm sound any recommendations?


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Aug 10, 2019
hi got pioneer vsx-d2011 amp no hdmi till i have the money for the latest onyko amp i am looking to buy ablu-ray player or hd-dvd player.with 5.1 connections so i can get pcm sound to get the best temporary sound till a later date.hopefully there is a player that can do that as well as get the new hd sound codecs so when i get the onkyo amp it will be just a matter of buying another hdmi cable got any advice on this?


You would need both player and amp to operate HDMI 1.3 for Dolby trueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio. You can still receive 5:1(or even 7:1) Dolby digital via your amps digital optical input. Any hi-def player supporting HDMI 1.3 will give you the HD codecs ready for the arrival of your new amp.


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Dec 5, 2007
Your best bet is a Toshiba HD EP35 which has analog outs to go to your existing amp to let you enjoy some of the new HD audio codecs. Set it to PCM and the player will do the decoding. The great thing is that when you get one of the new Onkyo, you can get the player to send bitstream audio over HDMI to let the amp do the decoding. This should provide with even better audio from what I've heard from other users. Make sure you get a HDMI cable that is v1.3 to achieve this.


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