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Philips 55OLED934 vs Sony KD-55A89


Aug 12, 2020
We are in the middle of a renovation project at home and part of the plan is to wall mount a new 55" OLED TV in place of our 10y old Sony LCD TV, currently paired with a fairly large B&W Panorama 2 soundbar.

We were never really convinced by the B&W Panorama (in particular regarding voice which often sounds muffled) and since the newer TVs will be larger than the old one, we were tempted to go for a smaller soundbar or even none at all.

Sony and Philips OLED TVs seem to be a step above the rest in terms of sound and, browsing the Black Friday deals available locally, I came across the Sony KD-55A89 and last year's Philips 55OLED934... which has an integrated soundbar. They are both available for about the same price. Would Philips' integrated soundbar sound much better than Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio? Need less to say, the Sony has a much better WAF ;)