Panasonic 42inch VT30 and Yamaha YSP-2200


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Aug 10, 2019
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Looking for help and advice...

My Dad's recently bought a Panasonic VT30 and a Yamaha YSP-2200 to go with it. The panasonic has been great although everytime you switch it on it defaults to TV instead of HDMI1 which is annoying, but the main problem has been the Yamaha and for the life of me I can't get it working well. I connected the SKY+HD box in the same way I connect it to my amp which is feeding both a HDMI and optical connection from the box to the amp however on the YSP all the sound goes via the HDMI and I do know which setting to change in the setup menu to tell it to use optical. Following some other discussions on the forum I changed the setup to run a HDMI from the Sky box to the tv and an optical to the YSP only and evetnually managed to get this to work but it doesn't seem a neat way of doing it and everytime I switch away from Sky and then back again the channel on the YSP doesn't go with it - I switch to TV to view its online content which for some reason switches the YSP to TV aswell but then when you go back to HDMI1 the view Sky the YSP channel stays on TV and doesn't switch back to the optical channel. All of this means that you can't control both the pitcure and sound from the YSP instead you need the TV control to switch the AV port and the YSP remote to select the matching sound channel as well as the Sky remote to use Sky!

So my question is....

1. How do you connect a Sky+HD box to the YSP? Do you use both a HDMI and optical cable? If so how do you tell it to send the sound via optical?

2. When you view TV content how do you get the YSP to change back to the appropriate output channel when you move to Sky or another device?

3. When I add a Blu-ray player to the mix what is the best way of setting that up to work with this setup? I'm assuming this is easy as it sends the sound and picutre via HDMI.

4. Can the YSP work like a normal amplifier and take all my feeds and coonect top the TV via a single HDMI cable thereby doing away with the TV remote which I only really need to change AV channels?

Don't know why I'm finding this so hard especially when all the reviews you read are saying how easy it is to set up :help:

Is it me or is the manual that comes with this unreadable?




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Aug 31, 2010
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i would connect the sky box to the receiver using optical only - there is no advantage to connecting the sky box via hdmi to the receiver - it can only do dolby 2.0 whereas the optical cable can do 5.1`plus it avoids confusion in terms of where the receiver is picking up its audio. im not famillar with yamaha but on my denon there's an input assign menu in the setup where you select which input the audio is coming in on... so if say you watch sky with the yamaha on input 1 then you need to tell it in the setup that for input 1 the audio is coming on on the relevant co ax input.. sounds messy and it is and can cause a fair bit of fiddling to make sure you are in the right input etc.. there may also be an 'input' button on the receiver and cycling thorugh this might pick up the correct input to and hopefully remember it..

You said the vt30 is always coming on in TV mode - there's a setting in the menu's for power on preference and you can set this to 'AV' should do the trick. I use a harmony remote to set the inputs etc

Hope you get sorted



Thanks Mick. Appreciate the help, especially the Panasonic setting as it was starting to annoy me.


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