Onkyo txsr605 hd decoding.


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Aug 10, 2019
I've just bought an Onkyo txsr605 and connected it to all my A/V equipment including my PS3 which i'm led to belive outputs the new hd audio codecs but my receiver doesn't seem to acknowledge this when playing a blu-ray movie. I've set the PS3 to output audio via the HDMI in linear PCM, the HDMI cable is 1.3 compliant but even when 'dolby true hd' is selected from the blu-ray films menu it doesn't register on the onkyo's display.

Am i doing something wrong? or does the Onkyo not tell you what its decoding? the PS3 is fully updated to v1.93. Any help would be gratefully accepted, thankyou.


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Aug 28, 2007
The PS3 can not send HD audio to the receiver for processing, instead it decodes it inside the PS3 and sends it out as PCM. Therefore as the Onkyo is not doing the decoding it will not show it as Dolby HD. As long as you have the PS3 set to output in PCM, select the dolby True HD option in the bluray menu and direct on the Onkyo and you will be getting Dolby True HD.


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